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Network Steering Committee
Rev. Catherine Alder
     Central Pacific Conference
Pamela Beck
       Ohio Conference
Thomas Beilman
       Central Pacific Conference
​Reverends John and Faye Buttrick
     New Hampshire Conference.                                
Rev. Dr. Ann Muir Corrin
     Northern California
Rev. Diane Dulin
     Central Pacific Conference     
Maryn Goodson
     Central Atlantic Conference
Angelica Harter
      Massachusetts Conference
Rev. Steve Jungkeit
        Massachusetts Conference
Rev. Allie Perry
      Connecticut Conference
Rev. Michael Poage
       Kansas Oklahoma Conference
Casey Ream
       Northern California Nevada Conference
Esther Riley
  Northern California Nevada Conference
Rev. Daniel Romero
    Minnesota Conference
​Marla Schrader
       Central Atlantic Conference
Dr. Michael Spath
      Indiana-Kentucky Conference
Rev. Susan Switzer
      New York Conference
Rev. John H. Thomas
      Illinois Conference    
Rev. Diane Weible
      Northern California Conference
Rev. Kim Whisler-Vasko
      Illinois Conference
Dave Yoshida
       Connecticut Conference


Welcome to our site. We are a grassroots group in the United Church of Christ. It is for the Palestinian and Israeli children and our children's children that we bring this hope for a just peace to all who search here. The hearts of our Jewish, Muslim, and Christian neighbors need not be broken. Human rights need not be violated. The occupation does not need to go on and on forever. Life does not need to be painfully precarious from violence and oppression. Injustices that are the root of violence need not be done.

We care because it was in this place that Jesus walked, and that shepherds responded to the angelic vision of “peace on earth and good will to all.” We care because our American tax dollars go to support the injustice of the occupation, and therefore we have a right and duty to speak up. We care because this conflict is a flashpoint for other conflicts in the Middle East that too often draw us into war. The fulcrum of change is here in this country for what is often called “the American-­Israeli occupation.” 

Waiting, waiting, waiting at Checkpoints
Imagine this built through your neighborhood.
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                       Our Mission Statement
Gathered in the Spirit as the United Church of Christ  Palestine/Israel Network (UCC PIN) we covenant together 
in prayer and bold action for a just peace to end the conflict 
in Palestine/Israel. We seek to educate and motivate our churches on the issues within Palestine/Israel. Our actions are guided by General Synod Resolutions, consultation reports, engagement with the Kairos Palestine Document 
and our personal experiences. We strive to join in solidarity with our mission partners and with Jews, Christians, Muslims and others who are prophetic witnesses and risk takers for human rights, security, and a just peace in Palestine/Israel.

Here we amplify the voices of conscience of   Palestinians, Israelis, and Americans— Muslims, Jews, and Christians—who work courageously for a just and peaceful resolution. The church is a sleeping giant and we need to wake up to our responsibilities. Let us pray for them, care for them, and do what we can to support our brothers and sisters in the Holy Land towards peace. Together we work for a just peace and a very different kind of world. Read. Learn. Come join us in the work.
General Synod Team to pass our Resolution!